Our relationship with our clients is professional, respectful, personal and fun. We take great pride and pleasure in what we do and ensure our clients are guaranteed the best level of commitment – we rarely accept two events on the same date and we work with a close-knit event team. Each ACEs event enables you to relax and enjoy the whole experience from initial planning to on the day.

Our Ethos

Alastair Currie Events manages and designs spectacular events for every occasion. From bespoke weddings to corporate functions, private parties to school balls, all of our events transform private residences and unique venues into phenomenal experiences for guests. There is truly no limit, we deliver impeccable service and memories to last a lifetime.

We have a continuing commitment to behave ethically, properly and responsibly in all we do. We ensure every event is properly tidied away at the close, we seek to minimise waste, actively recycle and use resources as economically as possible.

Once you commission us to plan your event, we work by your side through our bespoke and personal service to create the best possible version of your desired occasion. ACEs prides itself on providing high class attentive management for any event with all of our team sharing the same ethos and desire to deliver absolute excellence.

Meet the team