We were honoured to be asked to assist our client in hosting a wake at their family home. At what was understandably a difficult time, we wanted to create a calm and beautiful space for our client and their nearest and dearest to congregate after the service.

Upon our first site visit to the client’s home we discovered that not only did they have the perfect lawn for a marquee event, it also had blossoming trees and a water feature within the proposed space – we definitely wanted to make the most of these stunning features.

The fantastic team at CMC Marquees are never ones to shy away from a challenge. They built the marquee around the natural obstacles so we were able to create an elaborate flooring feature that showcased the surrounding environment beautifully. The sound of flowing water and rustling leaves filled the minimalist marquee, allowing guests to enjoy the tranquil environment.

One of the benefits of working with marquees is their flexibility and versatility. When designing events we often say “Don’t be afraid to look up, or down!”- not all decorative pieces need to line to walls or sit on tables, often some of the most memorable and impacting designs make creative use of the floor or ceiling.

The marquee was deliberately simplistic, conscious of the occasion we chose to use as much of the natural light as possible. An unlined, PVC marquee provided our client with a warm and waterproof structure to host 300 guests on a cold November day. The clear walls, combined with garden features, provided a sense of bringing the outside in and created a relaxed atmosphere.

It’s important to consider the nature of the event, this client required was maximum space, time efficiency and simplicity. We were able to incorporate personal touches by way of their much loved garden by clever use of marquee design.