Cooking for the masses can be really daunting; anyone who has just hosted Christmas dinner for the whole family will be well aware how difficult it can be to pull the menu together at exactly the right moment – let alone deciding on what you actually wish to serve! So how does it work when you’ve got a 4 course dinner for 300 people?

We love to serve canapés with a glass of fizz as guests arrive. They are always popular and give guests the opportunity to try a variety of tastes and palette appetizers. Due to their size canapés can be extremely flexible and can cater easily to any dietary requirements. We served this smoked salmon, dill and lemon cream cheese on a blini alongside a vegan spiced cauliflower & coriander spring roll. Accompanied by a further five canapes, including a miniature beef Wellington, Yorkshire pudding and caramelized red onion, we ensured everyone’s tastes were satisfied.

Presentation, presentation, presentation. Of course taste will always be number one, but the way food is presented is the first impression you will make on your guests – you can never make a second first impression! This beef fillet was served with celeriac, truffle, wild mushrooms, smoked bacon & red wine. The variety of colours and textures meant these plates looked beautiful when they were served and of course they were empty when collected!

Weddings often last most of the day; therefore it’s important that the wedding breakfast is not only tasty but also filling. This couple opted for a roasted Guinea fowl breast, served with confit leg bon- bon and smoked pomme puree, complimented with broad beans, tomato and tarragon. Their main course led the way perfectly into a trio of deserts including crème brulèe, lemon tart and chocolate honeycomb pots.

We always consider the location and style of an event when creating a menu with our chefs. These sharing platters were designed for a summer lunch at The Downs School; we wanted to create a menu that was fresh, light and of course delicious! Guests feasted on of hot smoked mackerel & salmon; crayfish tails, dill, lemon and mayonnaise; head & shell-on crevettes, with roasted Mediterranean vegetables and mixed olives.

For our client’s Arabian Nights themed party it was important that the menu reflected the theme. Our Chef met with the client to discuss ideas and to ensure that their favourite flavours weren’t comprised when creating the themed menu – the results were outstanding! Dessert was served as a trio, with guests being able to sample a hibiscus scented panna cotta; an orange marmalade, vanilla and pistachio baklava and an orange blossom, polenta and cardamom cake – delicious! These were served on elegant tiered plates and decorated with a selection of edible flowers – a truly stunning sweet end to this dinner!