The classic garden party is an event rich in styling and culinary potential, we’re always keen to introduce a signature colour, cocktail or taste sensation – we take great pride in designing a wide variety of Summer soirees and look forward to what this coming season has to bring.

Choices of sparking receptions with a difference, possibly leaning on pomegranate or a citrus fruit, can help to ‘jazz’ things up.  We’re a big fan of a fresh mint and lime soda, served with stripy straws in a tall glass, and of course a glass of Champagne and some Pimm’s for the traditionalists.

When canapes won’t quite cut it, a circulation of delicious bowl food can help to ensure that guests get a good feed – and we always like to offer a beautiful selection of desserts, with the fruit crop bursting with flavour an offering of strawberries and raspberries with cream and meringue always go down well.

Vintage, rustic and unique or slick, crisp and colourful; when choosing how to furnish your garden party it’s important to consider the nature of the party and space of the garden.  Perhaps wicker poseur tables, dotted amongst the potted plants and sweet smelling garden kitchen planters, or cream cushions surrounding a centrepiece table on the lawn.

2018 is the year of the hanging flowers, why not string lights across your garden and entwine these with your favourite florals.  If you’re celebrating an occasion then why not hang some photographs between the lights to add a further personal touch.

Perhaps your garden boasts a feature tree, hanging lanterns and lights can provide an incredible splash of colour and shadows; it also provides the perfect spot for late night story telling when there’s a box of blankets underneath.

You don’t need to be in the countryside to host a garden party, urban gardens can provide the perfect setting for creative thinking. Trellis fencing is the ideal spot to hang colourful flowers and creeping ivy’s.  Why not make a centrepiece of your patio by including a fire pit; warm, inviting and the ideal gathering point for your guests when evening falls.