Clifton College Commemoration Week

Clifton, Bristol, May 2023

We were pleased to find ourselves once again in the beautiful grounds of Clifton College, with students, staff and pupils gathering to celebrate the end of year with the Commemoration events. This week-long spectacular encompasses a variety of speeches, dining experiences, and of course, the highly anticipated end-of-year school ball.

At every step of the way, our dedicated ACEs team is on hand, ensuring seamless delivery and fully understanding the unique needs of the school community during these special events. To ensure a fantastic week of events, we meticulously crafted plans, timelines, kit and logistics sheets ensuring all teams were aligned.

With great attention to detail, we arranged everything from trackway to furniture, and our incredible sister company, CMC, built a remarkable 25m x 50m structure for the week’s festivities. As the week kicks off with speeches and delectable lunches, ACEs work closely alongside the Clifton College team to ensure utmost satisfaction for all involved. Throughout every day, there were numerous set-up changeovers from 200 to 1800 seats (!), and we extend our thanks to the dedicated team of staff who provided invaluable assistance.

After executing all the planned events, it was time for the highly anticipated school ball. The Hollywood scene was set, with the tables arranged and captivating centrepieces in place, the casino tables were ready, complete with personalised money tucked neatly into each napkin. As the evening unfolded, one of our favourite bands provided captivating entertainment, finishing the evening off with a bang, with a breath-taking fireworks display. It was a great night, leaving everyone with a sense of celebration and making the pupils feel truly special.

Working with such an outstanding repeat client is an incredible privilege, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Clifton College in the future.

If you’re looking to have an event at your school or charity please go to our contact page and send an email to find out how we can help you or click here to see past ACEs events for some inspiration!