A Very Non PC Party

September 2014

ACEs were delighted to bring this active construction site to life for an evening of celebration for a ‘not quite’ Practical Completion giving guests a glimpse of a soon-to-be-launched retail development in the heart of Swindon town.

We all enjoyed wearing our high-vis and hardhats as we set up around construction workers, transforming the space for when performers and staff arrived for briefing and sound-checks.

Guests were astounded! Regent Circus came alive with magicians, circus strongmen, aerial street performers and a selection of acoustic and jazz music. A great array of food was cooked front of house, with delicious bowls of pasta from ASK Italian and scrumptious burgers from Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

Drinks were served from our LED circular bar branded up with logos of our client and the event supporters.

As the night drew in, colourful scanning lights gave the open space a warm and inviting glow and our guests enjoyed the event thoroughly from start to finish.