A Transatlantic Christmas Party


With the corporate Christmas party season in full swing, we took our guests on a high flying, supersonic jet-set experience at Aerospace Bristol!

Our friendly and attentive stewardess actors ensured that each guest was treated to delicious pre-flight canapes and sparkling champagne and guests had the opportunity to tour onboard Concorde for an incredible tour.

As the boarding call rang out guests took their seats at airport inspired table names, with a roaring jet take-off shattering the sound barrier before their inflight meal was served. Flying first class, our passengers were offered a great three course meal and plentiful drinks whilst being entertained by our professional stewardesses!

As Concorde touched down in New York, our fantastic roller-skate artists performed a choreographed routine, bringing guests up to the disco LED dancefloor whilst spinning everyone back to the 1970’s. As Aerospace transformed into Studio 54 – complete with mirror disco balls and vibrant colours bouncing around the event venue – our authentic boogie inspiring band (complete with afros and flares!) took to the stage before our resident DJ closed the set.

Crowned “our best Christmas party ever”, we were delighted that our clients enjoyed their take-off and landing as much as we did!