1950’s Themed Party

Bristol, December 2014

We were delighted to provide this 1950’s themed party, taking our guests on a journey back in time and filling their evening with sparkle and glamour. A corporate Christmas celebration full of festive treats and of the era authenticity.

Set in a helicopter hanger, this venue started the weekend as a steel grey box  – full of space and opportunity for some inspiring design and decor. The stipulations meant that within 48 hours, the venue had to be returned to it’s former state – we love a challenge. As the marquee team, audio and visual contractors, and furniture began to arrive, our incredible suppliers worked in record time to erect a luxurious marquee within the hangar.

Guests arrived through a Christmas tree lined entrance, giving nothing away about the 1950’s themed party hidden inside. As they ventured through the snow covered trees they were greeted by a warming log fire, hung with stockings and piled high with Christmas presents. Our friendly elves were on hand with 1950’s style usherette trays offering a tempting champagne reception.

After being called for dinner, our guests ventured into the sensational white starcloth lined dining area – glistening, sparkling and utterly impressive. Tables filled with towering centrepieces, chandeliers, feather lamps and comparative clear modern candlebras providing incredible sights across each of the tables with a warm LED glow.

After a sumptuous three course meal, a delicious and extensive cheese board was dropped to each table with an accompanying glass of port. As a cabaret entertainment filled evening commenced, guests were free to mingle amongst our 1950’s themed chill out space or dance the night away with an 8 piece band. A fun and festive photo booth and comical caricaturist kept guests amused whilst Roulette and Blackjack casino tables (along with plenty of cocktails) ensured a great night for all!