AGM at Bristol IMAX

The Old IMAX Theatre, Bristol Aquarium, May 2023

We find ourselves returning to one of our premier corporate meeting spaces, The Old IMAX Theatre at Bristol Aquarium. Situated on Bristol Harbourside, this venue offers a convenient location and versatile features, making it an ideal choice for large corporate AGMs. With its expansive cinema screen, tiered seating, and a capacity of 300, this space presents endless opportunities for a meeting experience.

Our client had some very impressive conference content and creative ideas for their AGM, we eagerly embraced the challenge. From creating a movie feel complete with popcorn and a “Mastermind” section, to setting of confetti cannons, we were happy to take on the challenges thrown at us.

Setting the tone right from the moment guests arrived, the foyer to the IMAX theatre was decorated with striking posters, illuminated in our client’s distinctive branding colours, carried throughout the entire space. As attendees entered, they were greeted by the ACEs team, who offered a selection of soft drinks, along with freshly brewed tea and coffee. The branding was carried throughout the event even down to the biscuits imprinted with our client’s logo.

With all bags and coats checked in and guests comfortably settled into the tiered seating, the AGM commenced. The introduction music blasted through the speakers and filled the room with drama and cheers from the crowd. Our client had curated a unique soundtrack for each section of the AGM, flawlessly executed by our sister company, SLX. We were also asked to recreate the “Mastermind” quiz, from the spotlight to the chair, ensuring an authentic and engaging experience for participants, which was very successful.

At the halfway point of the AGM, guests were treated to popcorn served in movie boxes, complemented by a selection of wine and beer. As the AGM reached its final section, our client celebrated their long-serving employees and their commitment to the business. Each employee was given a personalised walk-on music entrance, skilfully coordinated by SLX, further enhancing the atmosphere.

With the AGM successfully concluded, the guests proceeded to a local pub to continue celebrating their business accomplishments and personal achievements into the evening.

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