Clapham Common


Clapham Common lies in the South of London, easily accessible to all major neighbouring boroughs and central London via tube, on foot, bike or road. Easily identifiable on any London map, Clapham Common forms a distinct triangular shape.

With 220 acres of green space, the common includes an abundance of sporting facilities including; three ponds – two of which are historical features perfect for angling as they contain a variety of large fish, a running track, bowling green, cricket pitch, football pitch, rugby pitch, Australian rules football pitch, skateboard venue and outdoor gym.

The annual host of several large scale events including Moonwalk London (you can read more about that here in our 2018 blog and portfolio), South West Four iconic music festival  and let’s rock. As well as accommodating multiple sporting fixtures throughout the year such as community walks, yoga and football , Clapham Common is a hugely versatile and loved venue. The vast array of space makes it ideal for erecting bespoke structure, accommodating large guest numbers or enjoyment the great outdoors in the heart of London.

History of Clapham Common:

Clapham Common was first documented in the Doomsday book of 1086 and has been used as a communal site by locals ever since. Originally including a large ditch and bank which was built by irritated Battersea residents to stop the livestock of Clapham locals escaping. Largely credited as a driving force behind the abolition of slavery, the Clapham Sector Holy Trinty Church was built in 1775.  After the 2nd oldest golf club in London was formed on site, Clapham Common saw a significant rise in it’s use for sport and games. Acquired by the London City Council in 1889, they promptly build the central Grade II listed Bandstand which is the recognised as the largest in the UK.

Alastair Currie Events recommends Clapham Common for:

  • Large scale events
  • Summer corporate parties
  • Sporting events


Clapham Common, London SW4 9DE

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