Socially Distanced Studios

Let’s get digital at our large warehouse in Avonmouth, Bristol!

Why use our Socially Distanced Studios?

We’ve basically set up a TV studio in our Avonmouth warehouse. This means that for your audience things feel high quality, intimate, close and personal – it’s about the
relationship between the speaker and the viewer. They could almost be next to you. It becomes really tangible and involved. The production level is high, the flexibility
of the set up is second-to-none. We will be broadcasting a spectacular for you – it will showcase your company values and commitment to your audience.

How to use the set up?

The space is a big black box, with a gantry on one side where all of our production equipment is set up (control for lighting, sound and cameras). This means that we can
have the majority of the crew tucked away, enabling social distancing. The camera operators will be the only ones on the floor, and that’s only if they’re needed for
manual adjustments. We have two cameras as standard and more available, and boundless options for how these are used. The stage, the set, the screens (projection or
plasma), lighting and sound can be built to best suit your script and ideal set up. We have designed this space so that it is completely flexible for every client; we want to
listen to what you want to achieve and give you the best possible set up which will exceed your expectations by way of production quality and client engagement.

What can I do onsite?

Pretty much anything. We suggest you come and have a look around, you’ll get a better feel for the space and how we can set things up. You’ll also see the gantry for our
production team, and the massive green room space we have behind. We can explain about the leased line for streaming, the uninterrupted power source, how we
monitor the internet connectivity, the steps we’ve made to ensure top sound quality and where your team members can park, chill out, grab a coffee and use the
loos. Over the months that Socially Distanced Studios has been set up we’ve had cars drive in, onsite demonstrations/interactive sessions, multiple live awards shows and
pre-recorded filming take place. Socially Distanced Studios lends itself to being a completely bespoke, client-orientated facility and we can’t wait to work with you.

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