Summer Picnic Inspiration

August 2018

With the glorious weather set to continue its the perfect time for summer picnic, we were delighted when our client invited us to “The End of the World” to host just that for 30 of their close friends and family.

A panoramic view that stretched across the heart of the Gloucestershire countryside provided the perfect backdrop for the evening.

From the moment guests arrived they were treated to a hand picked selection of vintage wines and champagnes, each chosen to compliment the delicious food that had been sourced and prepared locally.

Fresh and vibrant salads accompanied salmon and meat platters, followed by a sharp lemon tart and sweet apple pie. As the children tucked into ginger bread men we offered a selection of exquisite cheeses and further wine.

Whilst their parents were able to relax in the sensational sunset, we ensured the children were entertained with giant games, yummy pizza and a hay bale pirate ship.

As evening fell our blankets provided the perfect wrap around to keep guests warm and cosy.

With the memorising views and a cappella band nestled amongst wild flowers, you’d be forgiven for mistaking our summer picnic retreat for the South of France.

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