End of year corporate conferences can be hugely positive and worthwhile events for both your business and employees. With our top tips, you’ll be left feeling inspired for your 2019 end of year corporate conference with Alastair Currie Events. Remember that we plan events, celebrations and corporate occasions throughout the year and throughout Bristol/further afield;

Corporate Goody Bags

It’s an opportunity to meet colleagues from varying departments or branches, to find out about skills or hobbies that your colleagues possess. There’s plenty of time to forge new relationships and get to know the person behind the emails.

Team cohesion
It’s been proven that team cohesion is boosted through social events, colleagues who can operate as friends will always outperform those who work within a strict colleague to colleague relationship. Performances will rise, and employees will be more encouraged to go the extra mile within their teams to support each other.

With many employees operating within strict remits, creativity in the work place can sometimes feel stifled. By sharing the achievements, and points for progression, with your team – you may be surprised by the feedback, suggestions and ideas that come back.

Training and growth
Employees want to learn, to feel great at their jobs and to grow in their careers. Hosting an end of year conference is great way to relay key messages, training and projections for the year ahead.

Feeling valued
Saying thank you to your team, especially when followed by an amazing party or celebration. It’s a great opportunity to recognise the additional work, commitment and value that your employees bring. Many companies consider yearly awards to be a quantifiable measure of this.

Individual Corporate Cakes

If you’re interested in creating an end of year corporate conference for your Bristol (South West, Cotswolds, Somerset, Gloucestershire or otherwise!) based business, no matter the size, get in touch to find out how we can help you achieve incredible employee engagement and energy by holding a corporate gathering with Alastair Currie Events.