Showing your personality and letting people have a sneak peak into the real you isn’t always easy, but your wedding day should be all about you and your partner. So here are some ways you can help boldly or subtly bring a bit of you into your special day.

Make it you from the start…

Invitations are the first step to letting everyone know about your special day and can often be overlooked! The invite is the start of your guest’s journey into your wedding and a flavour of what’s to come. Let’s face it, they can be pinned on the front of your guest’s fridge for months so captivate their attention.

There are a number of ways to personalise invitations and make it uniquely yours, here’s some we suggest. A good first step is to consider the colour palette, you may want to introduce lighter colours for a summer wedding, incorporate accents of red in the Christmas season or darker tones for a sultry or mysterious feel. Altering the size of your invitation can be a unique way to stand out. Perhaps you would like something compact and small for your guests to slip sleekly into their wallets as a memento. If a grander approach is more your style, take a look into classy wax sealed envelopes, decorative gift boxes, scrolls or even a personalised ‘Save the Date’ website invite!

Go against the traditions!

A grand entrance isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if that’s what you love then don’t shy away from the big and bold. Linking your personality into your entrance is a wonderful way to not only wow your guests but make you feel special on your day. Whether you decide to arrive on a motorbike, in a hot air balloon or a classic car we are here to support you and make your wishes come true.

Alternatively, your wedding venue is one of the most impactful elements of your wedding. Perhaps you want to get married or have your reception in some of the most stunning locations in Bristol, well we have had some great working relationships with The Mount Without, The Orangery and The Downs School, where you can even get legally married in their tree house!

Moreover, marquee weddings can be very personal and impactful for you and your guests, and CMC are always on hand. You and your partner are able to choose everything from the size of the structure to the linings on the ceiling right down to the colour of the carpet on the floor. You can even decide to surprise your guests with a big reveal of a dance floor and band to finish off your evening.


Wedding in a treehouse

Welcome to the celebration!

Having a welcome drink is essential and when it comes to cocktails, we don’t think you can go too wrong.

Welcome drinks at any reception are typically champagne, but having your favourite cocktails is a really simple but effective way of tying both yours and your partners personalities into your evening and we have just The Bartender  team to help you.

Or alternatively giving your guests small bottles of something you both enjoy together is a subtle but effective way to add your own personal touch. You could even go as far as personalising each bottle with your guest’s name, this is not only very cute, but also helps to make them feel involved in your special day.

Mini Personalised Welcome Drinks

Ditch the classic table plan

Having a table plan is essential for your wedding day and is something each and every one of your guests will look at during the evening.  This is why it’s so important to not only make it easy to understand, but also look great and represent the style of your wedding.

There are many simple ways to incorporate yours and your partners personality into the table plan. This can be as simple as ditching the typical table one, two, three etc and naming each of the tables after something you love or places you’ve been, the list goes on…

Alternatively incorporating some of the floral elements that you have had throughout your day onto your table plan is a great way of not only making it consistent with your theme but a great way to show off your bouquet and some of your favourite florals.

Table planning can be tricky but also can be fun and key to ensuring your guests relax and have a memorable day.  Have a think about how you know your guests, are they old school friends, family members or maybe they have a common interest that would create a connection. Your table centrepiece could also reflect the fond memories you share, what you love most about them or what connects you all.

Marquee dressed for a wedding

So, here are just some of the ways that we can help you inject your personality into your wedding day and ensure your special day is unique to you and one of the best days of your life.

Each of the weddings we plan & design is unique as each of couple’s, we would love to hear how we can assist you with your special day.