At Alastair Currie Events we understand that for non-profits hosting successful events is often essential for fundraising, building awareness, and engaging supporters. The good news is that with careful planning and strategic thinking, you can maximise your impact whilst also adhering to your budget. This blog is going to explore some techniques you can use when planning an event for non-profits businesses.


Define Your Goals

Before diving into the logistics, it’s crucial to define your event’s goals. Are you aiming to raise funds, increase awareness, or build a stronger community? As an event planner knowing your objectives will help you to make informed decisions throughout the planning process and ensure that every pound spent serves a purpose.


Business Donations

One of the biggest advantages non-profits have, is their ability to attract donations, whether it be a businesses, sponsor, or supporters who have had connections with your cause. Utilising these contacts is a great way of acquiring goods, services, décor or even the venue itself. This can significantly reduce your expenses and allow you to allocate your budget to other essential aspects of the event.

Utilising Volunteers

Engaging with volunteers who are passionate about your cause and asking them to assist in the planning and execution of your event can help save funds that can be utilised somewhere else. Asking volunteers to help with various aspects of event planning, from marketing to setup and coordination is a great way of using your resources available to you.

Choose the Right Date and Time

Hosting an event during off-peak hours or on weekdays can often lead to lower venue rental fees and catering costs. Additionally, consider timing your event to coincide with holidays or special occasions, allowing you to tap into existing resources or theming that may already be in place. As event planners we have many contacts with local Bristol and South West venues.


DIY Décor and Design

Get creative with your event décor and design. DIY decorations and simple, elegant themes can be just as impactful as expensive setups. Encouraging your team and volunteers to brainstorm cost-effective decoration ideas that align with your event’s mission and goals is an effective way of saving money.


Social Media

Investing time into social media promotion is a free and simple way of gaining more awareness surrounding your event. These platforms provide cost-effective ways to reach a wider audience than you normally would with local campaigns. Engage your supporters and ask them to share your event details with their social groups to increase your reach without spending extra money.


Streamline Your Guest List

Being strategic about your guest list and understanding your target market is very important and can help to raise more funds during your event. Instead of inviting everyone, target individuals and organisations that have a strong connection to your cause as this will create a high engagement. This may be that your guest are local to Bristol and South West or it could be a group who have a personal connection to your cause.

Track Expenses Closely

Maintaining a detailed budget spreadsheet to track all expenses can help you understand the distribution of your money and can aid in keeping to your budget. This will also help you identify areas where you can cut costs and allocate funds more efficiently. At ACEs we are always on hand to help with any of your budgeting needs and keep a tight record of any financial changes so that you don’t have to!


Picking the Right Event Planner

Selecting the right event planner is a crucial step in ensuring the success of charity events. At Alastair Currie Events we not only have a track record of delivering exceptional events for a range of clients but also take the time to understand your charities mission and values. We are always on hand to help you stay within your budget but also infuse creativity and innovation into your event, whilst allowing you to get as involved as you desire.

Event planning for non-profits on a limited budget may have its challenges, but it’s entirely possible to host successful and impactful events with careful planning, creativity, and utilising the support that is around you. By defining your goals, leveraging donations, harnessing the power of volunteers, and making strategic decisions throughout the planning process, you can maximise your impact and continue to advance your non-profit’s mission. At ACEs, we take pride in our expertise, experience, and commitment to crafting meaningful and memorable charitable events.


If you would like to know more about how we can help you with your next non-profit event feel free to contact us and we would be happy to assist.