Your 50th birthday is the ideal opportunity to throw a wonderful party, celebrating with family and friends to reflect on past memories and help make some more!

In this guide we’ve compiled some of our favourite 50th birthday themes to help you decide how you’d like to celebrate the big day.

Best 50th Party Ideas

Time Machine

Travel back in time to your year of birth and take your guests on a memorable journey. Filled with the fashion, décor and music from the year – walls lined with the pop stars of the moment and all the news of the decade.

 Floral at Fifty

Whatever your chosen venue, filling the space with beautiful florals is a wonderful way to brighten the space, add colour, texture and sweet smells. This is a particular favourite amongst avid gardeners and works especially well if you are able to replant any larger shrubs or trees to keep as a memento to the occasion. We recently created a beautiful Pretty in Pink Floral 50th which you can read about here.

 Gold or Silver Theme

Whether you choose to celebrate a golden anniversary or the beginning of a silver fox; we’ve got hundreds of little and large ways to add colour and sparkle. From silver bars to golden cutlery, golden flake topped canapes to silver place cards. Asking your guests to wear an item of your chosen colour scheme or spreading sparkles throughout the floristry – we’re on hand to provide all the elegant yet effective touches to help bring this theme to light.

 Music Festival

Colourful flags, flowing ciders and dancing to live outdoor music; a festival themed party is ideal if you have large guest numbers. A novel take on a summer party, it’s a great way to reminisce in festivals from years ago with some flash back music.


Dinner Party

Intimate and personal, a dinner party for close family and friends can be all the theming needed. Excellent food, great drinks and wonderful company. 

 Children’s Party

If you’re still a child at heart, or want to reminisce then a children’s party is fun and humorous. Complete with giant games, an adult bouncy castle, piñata and a delicious afternoon tea.

 Family Focused

Printed photographs of your closest family and friends, enjoyed with circulating canapes or bowl food and a celebratory glass of fizz. Wonderfully relaxed and ideal if you’d like to then hang all the imagery in your home or distribute amongst family.

Fashion at 50

Shoe shaped cakes, a bag styled invite, silhouettes and iconic cut out ready for guests to marvel at, this is fashion at 50 inspired by the memorable designs and unforgettable trends. Take this up a gear by dressing staff up and asking your guests to bring certain elements or outfits.


Inspired by your favourite place, or a place you’d love to visit. A destination themed party can provide great choices of décor and food, popular amongst guests and certainly memorable.

Great Gatsby

Filled with 1920’s glamour and style, this popular theme gives plenty of opportunity for glitz and glamour. A great one to encourage guests to dress up, there are some incredible entertainment options available from authentic singers to dancers complete with flapper dresses.

Black and White

Welcome guests down the red carpet into this original Hollywood inspired party, camera reels at the ready for this American classic. For a modern twist, add dazzling whites and matt blacks to the sparkling dance floor and all décor.

50 Shapes

Balloons, florals, cupcakes, photographs or cocktails; using items to create 3D 50’s is brilliant fun and a great talking point – especially if guests can use it for a photo back drop or tuck into tasty sweets!

Rock and Roll

Leather jackets, waxed back hair and a guitar on standby. From invites on records to diner style food, a brilliant rock and roll band complete with roller skate entertainment – brilliant fun and easily relatable by all guests.

Birthday Planner Bristol

Whether you’re celebrating a 50th birthday, or a 40th or 60th – we’re on hand to offer all our creativity, knowledge and experience to ensure your occasion is personal, memorable and spectacular. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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