I was so pleased to have the opportunity to gain some work experience with ACEs this autumn. I am in my final year of an events management degree, and have just finished a year on work placement with a charity. The type of events and roles I experienced on my placement were very different to what ACEs do, so I was really keen to spend a few days in the office learning new things, such as the processes and time-scales required to plan such a wide range of fantastic events, including client relations and proposals, contact with various event suppliers, marquee events and event preparation.

I also spent a few days working on two different live events; the first was a public event featuring a huge number of different exhibitors, speakers and demonstrations. Over the course of the two day event I conducted a team brief, managed the registration desk and oversaw the events happening within the demo kitchen. The second event, which ACEs were running simultaneously, involved working on a well-known Bristolian landmark within a purpose build marquee structure. Throughout my time on site, I worked with the ACEs team to ensure that all the exhibitors and suppliers had all the necessary equipment and that the client and their delegates were happy.

The experience of being in the office as well as onsite was hugely beneficial, I was able to see first hand the transformation from the preparations to the delivery, the install and the de-rig as well as the office follow up work.

I am very grateful to the whole ACEs team for being so welcoming, friendly and trusting me with responsibility. This work experience has made me feel more confident in my abilities and has given me a broader outlook on types of events companies and job roles to look into when I graduate next year.