Looking for ways to keep your team engaged and focused throughout the year? Well, have you considered the benefits of hosting a business conference?
Business conferences provide a great opportunity for you to really hone in the targets and plans of your company for the year ahead, as well as reflect and celebrate on past performance and successes.

Here at Alastair Currie Events, we regularly plan, design and host business conferences for our clients. In this guide we’ve explained just why these events have so much value and how they can bring a great deal of return to your business.

Align Your Team & Convey Company Goals

Firstly, there is a real benefit to stepping out from behind desks and having a business focused chat. A business conference allows everyone to be ‘in the room’ when it comes to a company review and presentation. It’s of great benefit to the entire team, with no distractions, to all come together and hear a message or be part of a team discussion.

This is further amplified by hosting a business conference within an external venue, away from the office. It’s a great excuse to get people out of their standard work zone – a fresh environment. If this isn’t possible, however, you could always transform the layout of your office and make it feel different for the day of the conference – this isn’t a standard workday after all, we’re making magic happen here!

Cinema themed annual business conference planning by Alastair Currie Events

Maximise Employee Morale

Hosting a business conference means that all members of your team hear and see the same message at the same time, ensuring they feel well facilitated and cared for. For the biggest impact it’s recommended you host the conference at a venue with a well-sized stage, large screen, high-quality sound system, proper lighting and all the technical ‘set-up’ – not only will it help support your speakers’ presentation but it will also engage your audience.

Our clients regularly feedback to us about the ‘buzz’ that their company experiences in the days following the conference – from the post room to the CEO, the entire team have a common focus and topic. It’s a shared experience which everyone can enjoy.

Making sure everyone attends the conference will also boost morale. Including both the juniors and those at the top, it’s important that everyone is invited to the event.

In 2018 we assisted with a Cinema Themed Conference for a Bristol-based client! Read it here.

Provides an Opportunity to Reward Employees

Hosting a business conference also gives you the opportunity to celebrate and reward long-standing or high-performing employees. This might be little treats for those who have reached a milestone (we’re a fan of a magnum of champagne for 5 years, a double magnum for 10 years…) and also to conduct awards voted for by the entire company. This can be light-hearted or serious, but it’s a great way to engage and focus on the whole community and all they do – we love an ‘unsung hero’ award, often awarded to those in the back office supporting the entire operation but never in the limelight.

Increase Staff Motivation

The main conference message – whether it’s an update, a re-brand or a communication of a new goal or target – should be clear, direct and well delivered. This is a sure-fire way to motivate your team and get everyone on the same page.

Informal business conference networking over juice and pastries

It Makes for a Great Corporate Social Event

It’s always nice to finish up with beers and food after a conference, giving staff a social opportunity to meet (and often meet properly, not just ‘office meet’!) their colleagues and reflect/talk about what they’ve just heard. This can be achieved in a very casual way, allowing the event to not feel too staged or managed – it’s been a long day, time to kick back with a cold one!

Business Conference Planning with Alastair Currie Events

If you’re hosting a business conference and are on the look out for professional help or guidance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team here at Alastair Currie Events. We’re experts at planning and managing all types of corporate events and would love to offer our support at your next conference.

With so many people in one room and a key message to deliver, it’s vital you get it right.

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