Stunning Great Gatsby Themed Party Decor

Every event planners’ favourite theme – the Great Gatsby party!

The team here at Alastair Currie Events love planning Great Gatsby themed parties. It’s a glamorous theme that allows for so much imagination and extravagance, so it’s easy to see why it’s so popular and the go-to theme for a wide range of occasions.

Whether it be a birthday celebration or corporate event, if you’re thinking of hosting your very own Gatsby-style party, then look no further – here we’ve put together this mini guide explaining all of our top tips for ensuring it’s a success!


It’s not a Gatsby party without decadence – glamour, glitz and a whole lot of party are the order of the day.

The decorations you use should be synonymous with the 1920’s, utilising luxurious materials as much as you can. Champagne coupe glasses are a must, as are rich fabrics, stunning floral arrangements and gold chandeliers and candelabras.

Guests always have fun posing with themed backdrops, particularly a large Gatsby illuminated sign, so try to equip the venue with an array of 1920’s themed props.

If you’re looking to really make your guests feel the wow factor and want to make an impact on entrance, then consider meeting them with fire bowls, a red carpet and VIP ropes on arrival.

The menus and place cards should be art-deco themed, dependent on your exact theming, but we love the impact of gold and black. Table names can match characters within the book or of the era – we love using Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan actually on the tables as it really sets the scene, or how about something more fun and ‘of the vibe’ such as the ‘Hotsy Totsys’ or the ‘Glam Flappers’? A fun way to do your table plan!

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Red rose table centre 20's themed party wedding


Seating Gatsby style should be long tables, dramatic and impactful. We like a black and white base, with lots of mirror, sparkle and draping pearls. Mirror boxes filled with rose-heads, the ultimate in luxury. Glass charger plates add that extra bit of class to the table too. Try out some fantastic feather lamp shades and striking art-deco candelabras for added height and light as your guests dine.

Dress Code

The theme for any Gatsby party should be rich, bright and stylish. The 1920’s was a time when people liked to showcase how much money they had, and the way they achieved this was through dressing up.

Guests bring a huge amount of theme potential to this type of celebration, so make sure to tell them to get their Gatsby glad rags together and their father boas ready to party! To make it truly authentic, the venue’s staff should also be dressed up – think white gloves, sparkly braces and black bowties.

1920s themed wedding cake

Food & Drink

Food and drink are a key Gatsby party theming point – lots of rich flavours and beautiful dessert delicacies are key to nailing the 1920’s decadence. When it comes to the food, a spread of delicious ‘of the era’ canapés and other exotic little bites will be perfect for guests to nibble on between dancing.

When it comes to the drink, champagne (or prosecco!) is essential, and there’s nothing more Gatsby than a fully stocked bar, so make sure the cocktails are on tap. You can even name them to fit in with the theme too – your guests can enjoy an ‘Old Sport’ or a ‘Green Light’ from the comfort of the plush bar stools and sofas in the relaxing bar area.


The most important aspect of a Great Gatsby themed party is to have a big show from dancing Gatsby Girls! Be sure to encourage your guests to join in and be part of the performance – having a go at a 1920’s themed dance really kicks the dancefloor off! If you can’t source any dancing Gatsby girls, the next best option is to create a wicked Gatsby-themed playlist – fill it with jazz, classical pieces and the Great Gatsby movie soundtrack to allow guests to throw their best shapes on the dancefloor!

If you’re really pushing the boat out, then look into hiring fire breathers, acrobats or other types of entertainers too.

The gatsby girls dancing at Great Gatsby 1920s party

Party Planning with Alastair Currie Events

When it comes to planning a Great Gatsby themed party, the key is to keep things dramatic, fun and to remember ‘a little party never hurt nobody!’

At Alastair Currie Events we’ve planned and designed many Gatsby parties for our clients, including private parties and corporate celebrations, so if there’s any way we can help you with yours please get in touch.

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