Covid Events Bristol - Parties at Home

Proudly announcing the launch of ‘Stunning & Safe – Parties at Home’ curated by Alastair Currie Events – a response to how to deliver an event or party at home during the Coronavirus lockdown and social restrictions in place.

We are, as of the end of July, at a crucial point for the events industry in that the furlough scheme has been in place for 3.5 months and there are 3.5 months to go before it ceases completely in addition to there being a provisional road map in place for gatherings & events. The furlough scheme has helped our business (and associated companies) immeasurably, and along with making some efficient & effective moves early on we are in a good position to get moving again quickly as policy regarding events and mass gatherings starts to become clearer, and the world opens up as best it can.

The pandemic has impacted so many people personally, and professionally, and the NHS and all key workers have been incredible in their efforts. It’s been staggering to see the amount of change the world has taken on in such a short space of time.

We have been focused on keeping ourselves busy, volunteering our time, skills & equipment where needed & creating new ways to work and remaining open for business. One of these key focuses has been enabling events in a socially-distanced world. We’ve put all of ideas onto paper as ‘Stunning & Safe – Parties at Home’ which you might find of interest – or know of anyone who might.

As private events and weddings start to find their feet, with smaller numbers and social-distancing in place, we’re here ready & waiting for our clients as they need us. We’ve fielded a number of enquiries recently, and are very happy to make the most of the clement weather going forward – small occasions beautifully delivered for the Summer and going into the Autumn too. We are hopeful that Christmas occasions, and celebrations in the new year (especially going into Spring 2021) will be popular, with the hopes for a more ‘business as usual’ approach for gatherings with family and friends. We predict that next year will be a ‘bumper’ year for all things events, with many of our clients having postponed but also pent-up demand and a real wish to gather for social occasions again. We will work hard to ensure that we deliver in keeping with government guidelines, whilst remaining creative & personable in our delivery, for special occasions at home or at one of the numerous venues we work with.

We are blessed with a fantastic team, a wonderful group of supportive businesses and skilled suppliers around us, and we’re determined to continue to put our very best foot forward in the coming months ahead and into next year.

If there is anything we might be able to help with, or if you know of anyone in need of our skills around event design & delivery (and indeed structures, catering, production – and everything else that comes with events!) we’d be delighted to speak further.

It’s been a very unusual Summer, with so much sadness and difficulties for so many, we remain hopeful and positive going forward – for us it is all about bringing people together, and long may that continue (in whatever fashion that may be).

You can view the presentation in full here – Stunning & Safe – Parties at Home

With our best wishes,

The Alastair Currie Events Team

Covid Events Bristol - Parties at Home