There’s no doubt that any large-scale event takes plenty of planning. There’s a lot to think about and even more to get done in time for the big day. As specialist event managers and wedding planners, we’re very familiar with all there is to consider to put together a perfect day. Whether you’re after a partner to help you to create your dream wedding in a short time or you’re going it alone, this blog post will help you!

Whilst many people assume a wedding requires years of planning, it is wholly possible to plan the entirety of the celebration of your dreams in under well 6 months – you just need a little flexibility, creativity and of course the following top tips and intel on the crucial elements to consider. We’ve no doubt this will help get you started in creating your spectacular wedding in under 6 months.

How to plan a wedding in 6 months or less:

Make decisions & stick to them

You’re going to save yourself a lot of time by knowing exactly what you want. Where decisions need to be made you can make them right away. It’s important that you then stick to those ideas to reduce any extra time you might need to dedicate to altering certain elements.

Consult only a few trusted partners

Too many chefs and all that… if you do need help making a decision be sure to consult only your most trusted close ones, whether that’s your other half, a parent, a friend. Those who understand your vision and will steer you down the right path for you as a couple. Reaching out to more people than necessary can give you many conflicting answers, which may not help you make your decision and could waste you a lot of valuable time.

Your thoughts on others’ weddings

Have a think about what you have particularly liked or disliked from other weddings that you’ve been to as a guest, and think about how that may impact your own choices. What ideas can you pull on that you loved to save you thinking time? And what can you look to address from previous events that you didn’t like?

Utilise your venue and suppliers experience

Utilise the experience of the venue and your suppliers by asking what they think has worked well in the past and what they might recommend. Look to use suppliers that have worked at your venue many times before – they’ll know it like the back of their hand and have plenty of suggestions for you which will save you heaps of time.

Draw up a really decent timeline and stick to it

Pull together a timeline that covers absolutely everything and make sure that you do your best not to stray from this timeline. Many elements have knock on effects into other aspects that can derail your plans if there’s not enough time spare.

This Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist will help make sure you cover everything and can absolutely be compressed into 6 months.

Put together a really decent table plan and don’t leave this to the last minute

It always takes longer than you think! And will always throw up people that haven’t RSVP’d. Be sure to give your guests an RSVP deadline and don’t be afraid to chase them in advance so that you can put your plan together in plenty of time.

Utilise online lists & blogs for ideas

Definitely utilise online blogs and platforms like Pinterest for ideas, this can really help you to streamline your thoughts and nail down the specifics. But try not to let them overwhelm you and muddy the waters… keep coming back to what you think, and trust your instincts. If it feels right to you and you love it, go for it!

Don’t be afraid to say no

Whether you’ve received a supplier proposal with suggestions you’re not that keen on, or someone is offering something you’re not after, don’t be afraid to turn it down. It’s much better to make that decision early on and take the direction you want, than it is to come back and try to fix something when time is tight.

Focus on the key items

There will always be time to add extras on in due course – but don’t get bogged down with the extras early on. Focus on the crucial elements and work on the finishing flourishes nearer the time. You might find that you get to the big day and these extras aren’t a worry any more, in which case you’ve saved yourself all that time!

Beautiful Bristol Back Garden Wedding - white floral and rustic tables centrepieces in marquee

10 Crucial Elements to Consider

1. Budget

The most important thing is to set the budget straight away, it will determine the level of flexibility that you have throughout every single other element. Get this nailed down immediately and it’ll help you work out exactly what you can afford to allocate to where, and help you to work out where your priorities lie.

2. Venue

Always next on the list. With some venues booked years in advance, it’s essential to get the venue booked as soon as possible.  Remember, you may need to be flexible on the date in order to secure the venue you’re after. This means you may not be able to have a weekend date, if this is important to you. You could always opt for a marquee, which often gives you extra flexibility, so long as you have somewhere to put it.

This post should help you choose the perfect wedding venue for you

3. Guests

Give your guests as much notice as possible! It’s a good idea to send a simple save the date immediately, followed by the full invitations once you’ve got further details including accommodation options and dietary requirements.   Modern fashions now very much allow for an emailed save the date’s or RSVP’s – especially useful when time is very short!

4. Dress

Many bridal shops will require eight to nine months to order and fit your dress. Whilst it can be possible to rush orders through, for a charge, it’s always a good idea to get this sorted sooner rather than later. One alternative is to buy straight from the shelf and then have it altered to fit, this avoids any bespoke design time frames.

Don’t forget the bridesmaids too! Choosing the perfect bridesmaid dress can be deceptively time consuming and can require multiple designs and alterations to get them right.

5. Catering and Cake

You may find this is included within your venue’s wedding offering, but if not it’s a good idea to contact your dream supplier as soon as you’ve confirmed your venue. The same applies for the cake provider, who will often get booked up for dates over a year in advance – worth jumping on, especially if there’s a particular style of cake you have in mind.

6. Hire in the extras

Dependent on your venue and the look you’re hoping to achieve, it is possible that you need to hire in key equipment and extras. Toilets, furniture, linen, crockery, glassware, a dancefloor, sound and lighting equipment etc. are all extra considerations that can easily get forgotten. Getting this booked as early as possible will avoid disappointment and ensure availability of the perfect charger plates, chairs and other décor that you’re hoping for.

7. Florist and Décor

Find the style or theme that you’re looking for and create a really specific mood board – as detailed as possible will help with making any quick decisions. Peak season weddings can mean limited availability for many florists and stylists. Raise the date and venue with your preferred suppliers as soon as possible to maximize the chances of them being available. Alternatively, speak with your venue for any recommendations that they may have.

8. Rings

If you’d like a ring that matches the engagement band, or you have a bespoke idea in mind then we’d recommend actioning this as soon as possible, many individual rings will be on a minimum turnaround of several months.

9. Hair and Make Up

Give yourself plenty of time to find the right artists, it may be likely that the first you try will not be quite right for you. It’s important to have several trials in the months leading up to the wedding to know you’re entirely happy on the big day.

10. Honeymoon

Unless you’re planning on a last-minute vacation then booking flights as early as possible is always advised to avoid disappointment and missing out on your dream destination. Make sure you advise the hotel that it will be your honeymoon and many will provide a welcome treat for the new couple.

Wedding Planning Tips

For more tips, we’ve put together our Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist to ensure everything runs smoothly, where we’ve shared everything you need to consider in planning your big day! This can absolutely be compressed into 6 months if you put your mind to it! Just be sure keep in mind the 10 crucial elements along the way.

If you’re after some more help on how to successfully plan your wedding in under 6 months, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Alastair Currie Events team today. We specialise in planning luxury weddings of all shapes and sizes, and we would be more than happy to provide you with some of our top tips and pieces of advice, or partner with you to help you fast track the planning process.

Simply get in touch and we’ll help you get started!

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